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The world within digital currency, cryptos, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoins, should I say, success has many fathers - failure is an orphan, has become giant. Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 as the first coin, invented by an unknown person who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, and in 2017 the concept has exploded with the introduction of ICO’s – initial coin offering. ICO, which is a kind of crowd funding, has been strongly contributing to the fact that there are now more than 1000 coins out there, November 2017. And there are many interesting ‘tokens’, as they are also called, where further development has been done with the technology behind, blockchain. There are a lot of indications that this technology will disrupt commonly used technologies today. More about that in my blogs. This world is onrushing, chaotic, diverse, technical complex and is developing faster than most people realizes. With this blog, I want to make it easy to get an insight to this world. Understand the essential, get an overview, what is moving right now. I analyze the marked and give recommendations. Looking from my perspective there is a great need for quality offers of this kind. Welcome to Bitly

Behind the site

The Crypto nerd

Dan Rocky Aigens
Cryptocoin Blogger
About Dan

I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast and very interested in the blockchain technology behind since 2013. After travelling to India where I met one of the co-founders of an Indian bitcoin exchange, I was completely enchanted. We stayed at the same hotel in Bangalore for more than a week and we “kicked off” right from the beginning. We met almost every morning for breakfast where the topic basically only circled around bitcoin. In 2014 I started buying and selling Bitcoin and today, of course, I’m into numerous other coins. I have a full time job as an IT consultant, I’m married, I’m a father and I live north of Copenhagen in Denmark. I was brought up on an island called “Funen”, but after completing my education I moved to Copenhagen in the beginning of the 00’s to find a job. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but I’m Danish and that’s the reason for this blog being called a Danish blog. The intention is to publish all blogs in Danish as well as in English.

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The vision

The idea and vision behind Bitly

Easier access to essential knowledge regarding digital currency

The idea with this blog is to gather important knowledge regarding digital currency in one place

Blogging og tweeting daily about everything relevant from this world

Create overview of disrupting technologies from a world which is developing extremely fast

Analyzing the development concerning digital currency and give recommendations

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If you have questions, feedback or any other thought you want to share, you are welcome to write me. If you have a specific question regarding digital currency, it might be the background question for a new blog


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